This week my co-host Sebastian O’Brien and I have an exciting first at our on-going midnight movie awesomefest, Friday Night Frightsour first premiere!

This coming Friday at midnight, inside the hallowed walls of The Cinefamily (on Fairfax), will mark the West Coast premiere of the new Hong Kong splatter-thriller, Dream Home (my review). Los Angelenos, this may be your only chance to ever see the film in all its gory glory on the big screen. So be there. And be braced for bloody mayhem.

Quoth the FNF blurb of power:

The brand-new frightshow Dream Home leaps upon a serious issue, and grinds it in a delicious way: buying an apartment in majorly overcrowded Hong Kong ain’t cheap or easy, and when a young, upwardly mobile woman is denied ownership of her dream pad in a oceanfront high rise, she does what any of us would do — she offs its tenants in an orgiastic bloodbath! Thankfully, director Ho-Cheung Pang keeps the social commentary to a minimum and concentrates on what really matters: gonzo gore, bouncing boobs and heaping fistfuls of crazy, over-the-top kills. That rare gem that gives you the genre standards you crave while still managing to be fresh, imaginative and wildly entertaining, Dream Home is a dream for fans of Asian genre cinema and horror fans alike. Don’t miss your chance to sign the lease — IN BLOOD!

In this economy, you can’t afford to miss it! Ah ha ha ha ha haaa…sigh…yeah.


As always, I am giving away free tickets (each with a +1) and one ultra-comfy two-person couch to some lucky Chewers. All you need to do is email me at with DREAM HOME in the subject line and tell me about the most fucked up thing you’ve ever seen in a horror movie (please keep it brief; there are no extra points awarded for elaborate descriptions). Make sure to include your full name.

Regular tickets can be purchased here.

Hope to see you there, horror fans!