casJust when you thought Blade Trinity (which I unashamedly liked, and which I think people will come around to in a couple of years, as they often do with delightful bad movies) had staked the franchise through its Daywalking heart, David Goyer goes and announces it’s moving to television. Sort of. I mean, it depends on whether you count Spike TV as a real channel or something from the fevered mind of Stanley Spedowski.

Here’s what Sci-Fi Wire has him saying: "I’m co-writing the pilot with Jeff Johns, and it’s going to be Spike’s first dramatic show, and it’s going to air next June." I don’t know if that’s supposed to be "Jeff" or if it’s comic book omnipresence Geoff Johns, who has worked with Goyer before.

The aptly named Spike TV has ordered 13 episodes, which will star exciting actor Not Wesley Snipes. Goyer won’t go into details beyond that, only saying " It’ll be Blade, but it’s different than the movies," which means it’s an hour long I guess.

Goyer is also working on the sci fi show Threshold, which starts this Fall, and is working on a Flash movie. He also had a meeting recently about a Batman Begins sequel, but he wouldn’t spill any beans.

(Note from Dave: If they don’t get Michael Jai White to play TV Blade, there’s really no point in doing it.)