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Though I’ve not had the chance to sink my teeth into Prozac Nation, I’ve heard lots of good things regarding Christina Ricci’s performance (and mammaries). Roger Ebert even says it on the cover! Lucky for you folks, you’ll be able to indulge in the world of depression and abundant foreheads before little ol’ me since we’ve got a nice helping of DVDs just for you. For free! Aren’t we cool?

So what’s the lowdown on the flick? Well here’s an excerpt from our own Ian Arbuckle and his recent DVD review (which you can check out here):

"Christina Ricci plays Elizabeth Wurtzel, a Harvard-bound girl with a journalism scholarship. Her parents divorced before she was two years old, and she grew up with her mother. Her father, she says, was never involved enough in her life; her mother, too much. At Harvard, Elizabeth does as every college student is expected to do and indulges in excess, ecstasy, and sex. She spins through the orbits of other students who become, briefly, her friends or lovers before she goes coasting off in some other direction."

Alright, so what’s it gonna take to nab these discs from CHUD HQ you ask? Simply answer the following (just don’t answer it simply). This will require some effort, so if you respond with one word answers, be prepared to be unabashedly mocked in the public limelight… or just have your email deleted. It’s all good.

1.) Our message boards house an eclectic group of sewer chewin’ miscreants. Most are cool cats, a lot are argumentative beasts, and some are just downright scary freaks. List five Chewers whom you feel would benefit from a nice handful of psychotropic meds and explain why.

2.) Ms. Ricci started her film career off at the ripe Dave Davis-lovin’ age of 10. Now, about fifteen years later, Christina has evolved into arguably a pretty strong actress who has begun moving towards smaller and more challenging roles, all the while still remaining fairly prolific. What are her strengths? Her weaknesses? Judging from those things, what role(s) would she be ideally suited for? Also, give us your pick for best Christina Ricci performance (and for the love of dignified ghosts everywhere, don’t say Casper).

(Don’t forget your full name and address!)

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