Gerard Butler has decided to make a movie again.

Yes, I know he’s got Coriolanus (just picked up by The Weinstein Co) and Machine Gun Preacher in the can but both wrapped awhile ago.  There are actors who go from movie to movie to movie, and there are actors who kick back for months and socialize.   Butler seems to be the second kind.

Yes, I am one of those girls who lusts after him, so she criticizes him to seem cool and above it all. Thanks for noticing.   (Seriously, I’m just kidding, Butler fans. Don’t yell at me.)

Anyway.  Deadline reports that Butler is set to star in Curtis Hanson’s surf story Mavericks, which centers on Santa Cruz surfing legend Jay Moriarty. Moriarty’s goal was to surf the dangerous Northern California winter waves known as Mavericks. He succeeded! He lived to tell about it!   But he tragically died while free diving alone  in the Maldives.   But his legacy lives on among surfers. He was a good guy.

Butler will play Rick “Frosty” Hesson, Moriarty’s mentor and friend, a role that Sean Penn was circling around.  It’s an unlikely role for the Scotsman, but it’s not another romantic comedy, so that’s really promising. The script is supposed to be quite good, and it is Curtis Hanson, who will have my undying love solely for L.A. Confidential. Butler is also producing under his Evil Twins shingle.

It certainly explains why Butler was out surfing in Hawaii last week.  Not that I visit his fan site to ever know anything like that. Not at all.