I was whining recently (I think it was in the Gambit post) that Colin Firth just hasn’t cracked the A-List, and he needs to, and so on.

That was stupid of me.  He has an Oscar nomination, and they’re throwing awesome roles at him right and left.  He’s set.

So set that 24 Frames reports he’s nabbing the creepy lead in Stoker, Chan Wook-Park’s big American debut.    Firth will be playing the mysterious uncle who shows up in India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska)’s life after her father’s death. His sudden appearance unfolds a series of unexplained events. Firth has played dark before, but never anything this big or potentially scarring to his Pride and Prejudice fans.

24 Frames says that Kidman is also set to join as the grieving widow and mother to the eccentric India.   Who wants to bet the creepy uncle steps into comfort her? I want to make that bet.

The film is set to start shooting in late spring.    I’m happy just to have Park becoming better known here in the US, but I love that might involve shattering Firth’s wet-shirt image too.