If you’re a zombie fanatic and didn’t get a full gullet from Land of the Dead, you’re in luck, because CHUD has got some tasty treats for ya… from beyond the grave! (oooohhh…)

First up, you might’ve seen us mention the groovy ghoulie comic Zombie Tales from kickin’ new publisher Boom! Studios.  This anthology book (which was just reviewed in Thor’s Comic Column HERE, hey!) is crammed with gruesome stories from comic and Hollywood veterans, and we’ve even got a super-duper CHUD exclusive variant cover!  You can find out more about this thrill-and-chill-filled freakshow at Boom!’s website RIGHT HERE!

Wait, there’s more… Let’s be honest, low-budget independent zombie movies that are actually decent can be counted on one rotting hand, so be glad we’ve got copies of Hide & Creep, available on DVD from Asylum (find out more at their site RIGHT HERE).  The flick (which I reviewed in Dave’s Underground RIGHT HERE) takes place in a small Alabama town besieged by the mobile deceased, and though it may not have an A-list (or B-list) cast or much cash behind it, it’s a real blast.

Ah, but what should you do if and when the hungry horrors come knocking on your door seeking fresh meat?  That’s what the Zombie Survival Kit is for, babe.  This handy package, courtesy of Zombie Emergency Response Operations (Z.E.R.O.), has everything you need to make it through your next undead infestation, including barrier tape, toe tags, hazard signs and an information poster detailing proper procedure for the elimination of the pesky non-living. You can find out more about this kit (and order one for all your friends and loved ones) only at Fangoria RIGHT HERE.

So what do you need to do for a chance to win this juicy zombie goodness?  Hit the linkage below with your full name and address, and answer these questions:

1. Besides the mall, where’s the best place to go when the dead start rising from the grave?

2. Without having actually tasted them yet (one hopes), who do you suspect has the most delicious brains?


Thanks again to Boom!, Asylum and Fred (of the living dead) for providing these morsels!