I love Red Sonja.  I love her because she is a badass redhead with a sword, who slices men in half and chugs flagons of ale. She epitomizes Fantasy (with a capital F, yes) to me.   I’ve played some variation of her in every WoW, D&D or DragonAge game because she’s simply what a woman warrior should be.

Yes, the armor is corny and has gotten steadily smaller over the years.  But I admit to appreciating its perversity.  If Sonja wants to wear a chainmail bikini, who am I to tell her its inappropriate and impractical?    Sometimes I suspect I enjoy her comic because its creators seem determined to turn me off it with its insistence on angling every panel to emphasize her tits and ass.   It’s so obvious as to be easily ignored in favor of Sonja’s next slaying.

So, I’m a big champion of a movie. I want a glorious 1980s throwback with a gleeful sword swinging heroine.   I think it could appeal to men and women if done with the right sense of fun and feminism.  I had faint hopes Robert Rodriguez might capture that tone, but the way he jumped the gun on dressing up Rose McGowan was so embarrassing that I was glad it fell apart.

There’s been rumors of its post-Conan remake resurrection, and Empire reports today that it’s back on the fast track with Simon West directing.

Hmm. West, who only kinda, sorta got the concept of Tomb Raider.  (Lara’s sarcasm and ruthlessness – good.   Fragile, lost little girl angle – bad.)  Will he be as determined to get Sonja into a Laura Ashley dress (or whatever the Hyrcanian equivalent is) as he was Lara Croft?

Avi Lerner says their top pick for the part is Amber Heard.  I actually think that could work.   Heard has shown she has considerable action chops, and she has the wiry athleticism that Sonja needs. I wouldn’t be displeased if they cast her.

I just hope West gives her something to do other than sniffling over dead parents, and has a goal for her beyond emotional catharsis and girl clothes.