Just when I was wondering “Hey, why hasn’t the rumor mill been churning on Iron Man 3…?”, we get our first contender.

And what a contender. The contender. The only name that should be mentioned for this gig: Shane Black.

According to THR’s Heat Vision, Black has met with Marvel and pitched them his idea. He’s being considered, but it’s not a sure thing. There are other contenders. Whoever they are, they aren’t Black, so we don’t even need to give them a thought.

I’d like to think Robert Downey Jr. will weigh in here, and cast a deciding vote. As far as I know, they worked quite well together on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Downey is a loyal guy. He likes to keep familiar faces around him.

Even if they pick a lesser man, Black is still working on an adaptation of Death Note, and is still the man who would give life to Doc Savage.   So we have more Black to look forward to … but man, I want to see him paired up with Tony Stark. It would be so, so perfect.