For those who don’t necessarily visit the site every day, I just want to make sure everyone is aware of the Horror 101 Final Exam contest currently going on. Submissions need to be in by the end of this coming weekend.

Here’s a recap of the entry options/rules:

1) The signature bit of Horror 101 were the hypothetical films, like Baboon Holocaust, used to contextualize and better illustrate an archetype or other portion of a lesson. I want you to create your own film in the same style as I did in Horror 101, picking a time period (with release date) for your film, and stocking it with a great cast filling the various archetypes we discussed in class. I’m testing your grasp of the genre, so plausibility for both release date and cast earns extra points. Try to jam in as many Horror 101 lessons as possible too. Though do not send me something epically long. Try to keep it fairly succinct.

2) For the artists and Photoshop hobbyists out there, make a movie poster for one of the hypothetical films from Horror 101 – be it Baboon Holocaust, or one of the others. There are no rules or guidelines here. Just make a movie poster or VHS box cover or what have you, with a title, and maybe even a tagline if you’re feeling frisky.

I’ve received some pretty half-assed entries already (some of which are quite funny), so don’t feel put off by needing to make something truly amazing here. This is just about having fun.

Got copies of my book and some fun mystery DVDs to give away! So keep those entries coming!