LECTERAs the mysterious and dangerous man of action Dave Davis informed you last week (right here), there’s yet another Hannibal book coming out, and I ain’t talking A-Team or elephants. Thomas Harris is making a naked play for bucks by writing a prequel to all the current Lecter literature, and Dino DeLaurentiis, producer of King Kong Lives, is making a movie out of it.

The current plan is to have three different young people play the various younger Hannibals. The script will be written by Harris, who desperately needs cash, it seems. Most importantly, a director has been hired – Peter Webber, who just directed Girl With the Pearl Earring. That was his first major cinematic work, he had previously done a bunch of TV.

"It is a revenge story that shows why he became a cannibal,"
said Dino
De Laurentiis. "But he kills people that audiences want to see killed.
So while there is a natural revulsion, the sympathy toward Hannibal
Thank God we still get to be sympathetic towards a serial killer!