RPG!!!Moriarity over at Aint It Cool News is saying that it’s official – Darren Aronofsky is off the Watchmen adaptation. I’m getting pretty good at taking loss in stride.

It seems that the director is off the project because his The Fountain will conflict with getting the Alan Moore classic into theaters summer after next. Honestly I would rather see Aronofsky tackle his own work than this adaptation, which I feel is ill-fated no matter who helms it, just because the material isn’t workable in a two hour movie format.

That said, CHUD’s own Nick Nunziata, who may know a thing or two, is feeling very confident about the people lined up to plug this director-shaped hole. We’ll see soon enough – if this film is going to get off the ground in order to hit ’06. And hey, does anyone else think that the dystopic world where a creepy horrible jerk is president for more than two terms suddenly became more realistic?