Most say that the “Bad Dog” sub genre is approaching its quick demise.  But not The Dogfather. No, The Dogfather is a perfect example of how a direct to DVD ripoff starring no name actors can succeed with the simple image of a bulldog in a suit.  And the dove foundation gave it a 4 somethings out of 5.  Seriously, are those stars?  I honestly have no idea.  Chris Parnell is genius as Dr. Spacemen, but he’s even better here as Dad.  And it has goofy henchmen who get their comeuppance!  And Nerf Guns!  Wacky hijinks ensure!  See the trailer below, although I’ll warn you in advance: It’ll blow your mind.  It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever had the misfortune to see…so with that glowing recommendation, give it a look!

The Dogfather Trailer