csaJuly 15th sees the release of Tim Burton’s reimagining of Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp as the mysterious and sort of creepy candy kingpin, Willy Wonka.

We’re excited to team up with Warner Bros to bring you a cool sweepstakes featuring a ton of neat Chocolate Factory related prize packs.

Here’s what you can win:

Three winners will receive a Wonka Prize Pack featuring:

– Paperback Movie tie-in edition of the Roald Dahl Book from Penguin Publishing.  (This brand-new picture book features a revised text, and full color movie art throughout, capturing all the chocolaty goodness of the film and making Roald Dahl’s classic text accessible to even the youngest readers.)

– Floaty Pens

– Hopper Balls

– Red Loompaland Kids Tees

– Grey & Black Ringer Mike Teavee Tees

– Veruca Salt Tees

– Violet Tees

– Gloop Tees

– Golden Ticket Tees

– Wristbands

– Loompaland Caps

Another lucky winner will get all of the Prize Pack items above plus:

– Custom Candy Tin filled with Wonka Candies (Yum!)

– Custom Willy Wonka Cane, Individually Numbered Collector’s Item

And the Grand Prize winner will get all of the Prize Pack items above and:
– Set of 4 Custom Dessert Plates (For chocolate, of course!)

– PlayStation 2 or X-Box Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video game


All you have to do to have a chance to win this is send an email to devin@chud.com with WONKA in the subject line. Include your name and mailing address!

Also, check out the Fetal Films page for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where you can see stills and the trailer. Visit the official movie site here for even more goodies.


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