Oh, young and doomed Bucky Barnes. So idealistic and patriotic, you became representative of the true cost of war.  You’re the closest thing to a dark past that Captain America has. As boy sidekicks go, you’re probably the most innocent and respectable, and your hero learned from his “What’s the worst that can happen?” mistake.

And now we know what you look like onscreen!

Well, in a grainy scan anyway. The French edition of Premiere had a nice feature on Captain America (or, as they know him now, The First Avenger) that included some never-before-seen images. Les Toiles Heroiques (and yes, I know I’m missing all the characters) posted the images online.   I’ll let them keep the HYDRA agents and a pre-disfigured Hugo Weaving, and share Bucky.

Bucky Barnes is being played by Sebastian Stan. He must have been happy growing up with such a Marvelesque name. It would appear he does have some version of Bucky’s uniform on, and he certainly has the face for the part.

[via Geek Tyrant]

ETA: Now LA Times’ Hero Complex has premiered the first American look at a haunted and battered Bucky.   The subsequent interview (very spoiler heavy) with Joe Johnston reveals that this isn’t the happy-go-lucky sidekick. Instead, he’s an older, darker, and wiser Bucky who enlists on his own merits, unlike the sickly Steve Rogers: