.The Magazine: NOW PLAYING #2

The Pitch: A
newcomer (not like George Francisco) to the magazine world, NOW PLAYING
bills itself as ‘pop culture for the rest of us’ and features a staff
filled with names familiar to fans of the sci-fi web and print wold.

The Cost: $3.99
The Month: Summer
The Publisher: Same
Cover Story: What to See, What to Flee

Main Interview: Kristen Bell


  • Very solid summer movie preview. Loaded with info and rather comprehensive.

  • Good choices in focusing on Criterion and a few off the beaten path up and coming stars instead of flavor of the month X and Y.

  • The price tag is lower than most everyone else out there, and in a world where Starlog and Fangoria ask for $7.99 this is a good countergent.


  • The tech stuff is done to death in every other magazine. We don’t any more jack of all trade publications.

  • One page for your cover girl? Weak.
  • The pages have a very muted color scheme, including the pictures. They’re not vibrant and it hurts the visual appeal of the mag.

  • Music? Are there not enough music magazines. Now Playing has a very solid staff of movie people. The states don’t have their EMPIRE. It seems like it’d be better to swing for the fences than be just another "almost" publication.


I’m still not sure what they’re trying to do or if they’re concerned with having their own identity.