With The Dark Tower on everyone’s mind, it’s only natural studios would begin looking to adapting some of Stephen King’s other epic stories.

Today, Heat Vision announced that Warner Bros and CBS Films are teaming up to produce a new, big screen adaptation of The Stand.

Hell yes!

I love The Stand.  It was probably my first real exposure to King, and certainly my first experience with post-apocalyptic horror. It scared the hell out of me far more than The Shining ever did. It’s been a lot of fun (and just as shivery) to reread the Marvel retelling.  I know I’m not alone in having enjoyed Mike Perkins’ lush art, and wishing it could be redone on the screen somehow.  The mini-series was ok — Gary Sinise as Stu just about saves it single-handedly — but there was so much missing. It was so tame.

Now we might get the real version. (If only they could tie it into The Dark Tower — but rival studio means no crossover without a miracle.) Fingers crossed. There’s currently no writers and no director attached, but that will quickly change in the next couple of weeks.