cqWhat’s it feel like to win, baby? Ask the kids below, because they’re all taking home some very cool prizes. Let’s start with the hottest items on the list: The tickets to the hometown premiere of George A Romero’s Land of the Dead. This is the prize I wish I could take for myself. The people who are not me and thus eligible to win are:

Chris Flyer

Ben Odgren

Solid work guys. We also have three runners up, who get all sorts of LOTD swag which I haven’t yet seen. They are:

Landon Ginnings

Robert Todd

Lee Karr


Next up we have the winners of the Casino Tenth Anniversary Edition DVD. The lucky three are:

Wendy Ewing

Kevin Lang

Tony Hall

And finally, the winners of the Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition DVD:

Matt Hedgecock

Charles Brigden

Mike Roberts

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