Well here we are with our first official CHUD Show Video Podcast. We tried the idea out and loved it, so after the test of Episode #0 we decided to go all-in and give you a video podcast crammed to capacity with magnificence.

Hopefully you’ll find this to be an overall more polished affair- prettier, more dynamic, and filled with the kind of bizarre shit you’ve come to expect from The CHUD Show. At the core of it all though, the podcast is still three assholes talking about movies (and whatever else) with the video podcast simply adding an extra asshole with a camera. There are still some tech improvements to be made, creative balance to be found, and other stuff we have to figure out about delivering CHUD content in this format, but we think we’ve set a high standard with Episode #1 that we’re going to enjoy living up to in the coming months.

This episode comes in at just a touch over an hour, and from the opening credits (which emulate a movie you may have heard of) to the close (which features a brand new recording of the CHUD Show theme) there is more wonderful business here than your dick can handle. Make sure to load it up in HD for maximum great.

A lot of man-hours goes into a project like this, so please give us your feedback and enthusiasm if you enjoy it. A responsive comment or message board post means worlds, and a quick Facebook Share is worth its bytes in gold- so spread the word and let us know what you want more of!


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