From Hellraiser: Hellworld to Superman. That’s the natural progression for stardom.

Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman/Clark Kent in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. What that means is; for the next several years he will be called a ‘rock star’ by his director. And he’ll be rich and famous.

He’s best known for his role on cable’s The Tudors and for having the middle name Dalgliesh (translation: He Who Walks Between the Rows) and from his appearance in the picture above he’s a big ball of sex and jawbones and will make at least a pretty Supergentleman. He’s also a solid actor, which is nice.

If you didn’t know, this Superman incarnation comes from the minds of Christopher Nolan (yay!) and David Goyer (uh-oh!) and is based on the series of comics and pulp that have entertained billions since back in the day.

Talk amongst yourselves. I’m already bored of this character and his continued life onscreen.