casdYou can’t keep a good shark down. While there was a Jaws DVD that hit shelves a couple of years ago, this is the film’s 30th anniversary, which is as good a time as any for a double dip! The good news is that the new Jaws disc seems actually worth buying.

But maybe you won’t have to! We at have a couple of copies that we’re excited to give away. There’s not much use in denying that Jaws is one of the best movies ever made, and if you don’t have it in your collection already this is a great opportunity. And if you have already bought it, look at how we’re helping you trade up.

Winning this prize should be easy for the Jaws fan. All you have to do is send me:

– Your name

– Your address

and the answers to these questions:

The screenwriter of Jaws wrote a very good book about his experience with the film. What’s it called?

–’s own Nick Nunziata loves sharks so much that he’s making a movie about one. Search the CHUD archives (using the box at the very bottom of this piece) and send me a link to your favorite news story or review that contains the word "shark."

– There are constant rumors of Jaws 5. If such a movie got made and it was your responsibility to write and direct it, how would you make it different from the other films?

Just email those answers to with JAWS in the subject line. Please answer all the questions and please put JAWS in the subject line exactly like that – I get a lot of spam and if your email isn’t obviously part of the contest it may get deleted.