Mia Wasikowska is like the female Michael Fassbender, or the blonde Noomi Rapace, or the Australian Gemma Arterton. All the good projects are going her way.   And she seems to deserves it.

So, it’s pretty intriguing that she is stepping up (or at least in talks to) replace Carey Mulligan in Park Chan Wook’s Stoker.     According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Wasikowska is playing “an eccentric teen whose enigmatic and estranged uncle returns to the family after the death of the girl’s father. Strange things begin to happen.”

Curiously, the script is by none other than Wentworth Miller of Prison Break, who wrote it under the pseudonym “Ted Foulke.”     It’s apparently so damn good that Ridley and Tony Scott stepped up to produce it, and Park Chan-Wook chose to make it his English debut.

And really, that’s the story here, isn’t it?  Park Chan-Wook is going to make his English debut.  The project is still alive despite losing Mulligan and Jodie Foster.  It sounds spooky and weird.   And it should have started filming yesterday.