I don’t know how the adaptation of V For Vendetta will come out – people I know who have been to the set said it looks good, and friends who have read the script and not shared it with me (!) have said that it’s quality, if pretty different from the comic (it’s been seriously updated and has a lot to say about the current political situation, which is how it should be, as the original was a commentary on the political situation in England at the time of its release) – but this mask is fucking awesome.

That’s V, the protagonist of the film, and he’s on a one man crusade to free Britain from the grip of fascism. At least it’s one man until he meets Evie, a girl who gets caught up in it all, played by Natalie Portman.

Moviehole has a picture of her in costume as well, along with the full body shot of V. Head over there to see them!