casDisney has purchased the rights to a book, I Would Tell You I Love You But Then I Would Have to Kill You, which ingeniously mixes two of the finest concepts ever: all-girl’s schools and spies. The book is set at a secret school in Washington DC that is full of daughters of spies, and they’re all being trained in spycraft themselves. The plot gets going when one of the girls falls in love with a local boy, obviously a no-no.

The book is the first from Ally Carter, and it’s a young adult novel. Which, combined with the fact that it’ll be a Disney film, probably rules out hot gadget-filled lesbo scenes. Just imagine what Q could do with a simple vibrator.

The picture, by the way, is Mata Hari. The book seems to not even be solicited for release yet, so there’s no cover. I guess Disney bought the galleys. Dammit. Doesn’t "buying the galleys" sound like a great joke about a Polish studio mogul? You could totally fit a Spartacus reference in there.