casI am very excited about Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film The Fountain, even though wasn’t invited on the set visit (see how not bitter I am?). I have been a huge fan of Aronofsky for years, and I wish I had more films from him to like. The Fountain has, of course, been a long troubled production, with Brad Pitt once – years ago – set to star, until the whole thing fell apart.

But now it’s been made and it will be coming out and Hugh Jackman, hoping to wash the taint of Van Helsing from his taint, stars. It’s a time spanning love story of epic and cosmic proportions, and it’s one of those movies that you know will be worth seeing, even if it sucks.

Jackman’s Landing, easily my favorite named fan site (and don’t ask me why, but the name just tickles my funny bone. I feel like Dawson’s Creek may have a Jackman’s Landing) has scored three pics from the film. One comes from Premiere, the other two come from CBS news and come complete with a running news ticker, in case you need to know what washed ashore (the answer is at the site!).

Hugh’s looking a little raggedy in these pics. I can’t really say what the heck else is going on, but the one from Premiere makes him look like Unfrozen Caveman Actor, terrified of the film crew. I love that one like a child.

See the pics at Jackman’s Landing.