casWondering why it has taken so long for the Knight Rider movie to get made and finally knock that lame ass Titanic off the top spot? Fuzzy Wuzzy David Hasselhoff has the answer for you, courtesy of KGET TV 17: the studio didn’t want to have K.I.T.T. talk.

"It’s stupid. There’s no film without a talking car. So we waited for two years and we won. The car will talk," said Hasselhoff. Hail Mary, full of grace, yee haw! With that obstacle out of the way, Hasslehoff is now ready to star in the film, which is news to me. Someone let their award for 2004 King of All Cameos go to their head.

Meanwhile, I just ran this piece because of the headline. One time I did a clever headline and said that if someone knew where it was from, they could win a prize. Well, everyone fucking Googled it, which is so not fun. So this time, email me where the title comes from and win my respect.

Except you. Yeah, you there. I will always hate you.

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