scaWay back when HBO’s Entourage premiered we had a contest, giving away a club night for some lucky winners. At the time I have to admit that I sort of didn’t bother with the show – it looked pretty lame. Color me stupid – Entourage is a fantastic and funny show. Also, it has allowed Kevin Dillon the chance to finally shine. He plays Johnny Drama, ex-star of Viking Quest and one of my favorite current TV characters.

The show is coming back – this Sunday June 5th at 9PM! – and we’re giving away some cool swag related to it, including some season 1 DVD sets (and some hats, t-shirts and posters), so you can catch up. (And if you don’t happen to win, the Entourage DVD is one of the few reasonably priced HBO sets – buy it here from!)

So how do you win?

Simple: Email me ( your name and address and the answer to this question (with ENTOURAGE in the subject line):

If you could have any three movie characters in your entourage, who would it be?