We have winners to announce to you all – and for two hot contests!

4564First up we have the winners of the Assault on Precinct 13 "Get Into Laurence Fishburne’s Pants" contest. You may recall that we had two sets of Fishburne’s clothes from that movie to give away, one clean and one bloody. These were the questions we asked:

1) If we were giving away Laurence Fishburne’s wardrobe from any other movie he has been in, which movie (besides the Matrix films) would you wish it was from? Why?

2) Hit the CHUD.com archives and find me your favorite Fishburne-related news story.

3) Assault on Precinct 13, like the upcoming The Fog, is a remake of a John Carpenter movie. Which Carpenter movie do you think REALLY needs the remake treatment? Fantasy cast it.

4) Assuming you win, tell me where you would wear your Official Fishburne Suit first.

The winners are as follows:

The Bloody Clothes! Jason Vieria of New York. His answers:

1. Bad Company, because they may have ellin barkins sweat on them still
3. Remake Starman with TODD bridges and KIRSTA allen. Charles Martin Smith can reprise
4 I would wear it over to my friend reus house where we would go to some Spanish salsa night in queens

The Clean Clothes! Ty Mahaney of Texas. His answers:

1. Death Wish II – If memory serves it was vesty and rapey.

2. Big Trouble in Little China – with Will Ferrell as Jack and Tony Aan as Wang, Lindsey Lohan as Grace and Margaret Cho as Lo Pan

3. Nicks review of Biker Boys. You know; because of the boobs.

4. Fucking DENNY’S!!

Congrats, gents!

Our second contest was for The Longest Yard, one of the weekend’s big box office winners. We are giving away a whole bunch of footballs from the film, but only one is signed by Adam Sandler himself. I’m only going to list that winner here:

Joanne Willey of North Carolina. And not because she cast Hootie in the film.

And guys, for future contests, please follow the rules. The sheer number of entries that were disqualified in the Longest Yard contest because people don’t follow rules was sad.