Do you remember a not-so-little project called Safe House getting some buzz?  Many an action oriented star wanted in, but Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds nabbed the two leads.     The film centers on a young CIA “house-sitter” who is guarding a rogue agent inside a CIA safe house.  When the location is compromised, he has to move the ex-agent, and duck the assassins’ bullets that pursue them.  Reynolds is playing the goody CIA two-shoes, Washington the lethal rogue, and much badassery will ensue.

But there’s always some time for lovin’.  According to Latino Review, French actress/singer Nora Arnezeder has signed on to play Ana Ramos, Reynolds’ love interest.  It will be her American debut,  and if she winds up audiences enough, expect everyone to start namedropping how they’ve adored her ever since Paris 36. (That’s not meant to be snarky on her. You know the types I’m talking about.)

What am I saying? Forget the fans.  I can already see the US Weekly headlines linking her to Reynolds, and noting how much she looks like Scarlett Johansson.

Latino Review also reports that producers are eying everyone’s favorite Dude to play “Deputy Vice Director Harland Whitford.”   This would undoubtedly mean Jeff Bridges would do a lot of barking at agents, techs, and leaning over computers … but hey, bring it on.  I’ll watch him read a phone book.

It’s a good cast and an intriguing premise.  The world needs lean thrillers, and I’m hoping Safe House will be like one of those mature one-shots we used to have in the 1980s and 1990s.   I miss those, and I’ll champion anything that looks like one.