The first image from X-Men: First Class has leaked, though an official version is reportedly on its way from MSN Movies. We’ll update when it becomes available.

But until then, we’ll analyze and dissect this first look at the Silver Age X-Men, and declare the movie awesome/ruined based on one character banner.

Personally, I like it.  They have the retro costumes down, and Michael Fassbender actually seems to be channeling Ian McKellen with his own green-eyed twist. Jennifer Lawrence looks fantastic.  January Jones is a living embodiment of Emma Frost anyway, so of course she looks good. The only one who looks a  tad goofy is James McAvoy, but come on. Can we really blame the lighting?

Enjoy your unofficial first look, thanks to ***********, and we hope to have a big, clean, unwatermarked photo for you soon.

[Updated with the clean photo. Though it’s widely credited to have originated with MSN, they are not currently displaying it and the source links on most sites are broken. Also, fuck the thieving, water-marking asshole site that tried to claim the photo in the first place. –Renn]