Chucky Business was amazing.

Jan Michael Vincent, not so much. The Mechanic was one of those movies of my youth (we’re talking late 70’s & early 80’s) alongside Rolling Thunder and Marathon Man that made me feel like a man. I wasn’t (some would I’m still not), but I felt like it. I’m afraid to watch it now because I expect it to be a less that kinetic and enthralling event now that I’m pushing towards my fourth decade on the world.

It makes sense for a remake, which is probably why the new Jason Statham/Ben Foster isn’t getting a lot of animosity as it approaches screens this month. Directed by Simon (Tomb Raider) West, the film tells the story of a hitman and his young charge dealing with a big ‘ol double cross. Bullets fly, the tricks of the trade of planned manslaughter are shared, and we all go home happy.

Watch the great Red Band trailer here, lots of murders and sex and aquatic Statham. Plus, Ben Foster being great.

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