Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd is a delightful man. He appears in a massive amount of films and whether he’s creepy and sinister (Ronin), being furious that he’s being killed in the sea (The Hunt for Red October), or getting some goodness from Salma Hayek in a corner (Timecode), he’s always completely and wholly Stellan.

A Somewhat Gentle Man has been dubbed a “Scandinavian Treat“, and that’s music to my ears. The film is a Norwegian black comedy about a man who finishes a prison sentence (for murder!) and then enters the world a shell.

A shell that soon becomes to get filled in an assortment of interesting ways. Including very not sexy sex, very not clean family relations, and the baldest midget this side of Baldmidgetton, PA.

Check the trailer here for evidence of plentiful fun.

Then watch our exclusive scene where we see Stellan and his landlord discuss what’s on television while he enjoys food. Knowing from information I gleaned from the trailer, this woman receives his load.

I may not sleep tonight.

If you live in New Yorks City, this film (which netted Stellan the Best Actor nod at last year’s Fantastic Fest) opens today at the IFC Center (323 Avenue of the Americas). Check out the clips and in twenty years remember where you were the first time you watched Stellan eat.