Today we get looks at Spider-Man and Captain America in their respective costumes and I think back to the late 90’s when the internet puked on its own chest in excitement and discussion about the way that 4-color pulp made its way into neoprene and latex. Nowadays we’re so used to it, it’s just another part of the game.

I personally don’t feel much for this. There’s only so much leeway you have with the traditional Spider-Man costume, but the way it bunches up at the hands looks wrong and the spider emblem looks like clip art after a bender. But the main thing I’m happy about is that Andrew Garfield doesn’t have his huge hair as Peter Parker.

So, it’s a costume.

If you want to be part of Spidey’s network of buddies, Sony recommends you hang out at his Facebook Page. Of course, only after you come to ours.