ED WOOD DVDIt’s seems more and more like the right answer to the question "What is the best Tim Burton movie?" is Ed Wood. I’m not sure myself, as it’s been ages since I saw the film in theaters and have grown rather partial to Big Fish. Regardless, Burton’s love note to the deceased angora fashion statement is solid. Real solid.

Martin Landau won the Oscar he was snubbed for from Alone in the Dark and Johnny Depp added one of the earlier roles that led to him being pretty much the Brando of his generation. Also, Bill Murray proved he could do drama, something he routinely proves every year and still people not named Coppola or Anderson can’t figure it out.

All that matters is that I have a stack of these DVD goodies to give to lucky Chewers the world over. How to win them?

Answer the questions below and use the link below, supplying your name and mailing address.

1. You may have noticed that CHUD.com looks a little different today. It’s result of a lot of Hell, but I think [know] it was worth it. I’m sure there are aspects that you love and hate, but if you could tell me if you think it’s an overall improvement and why.

2. What filmmaker currently working is the modern equivalent of Ed Wood? I don’t mean a guy or gal who works on a shoestring, but someone who is just generally untalented.

3. Who do you want to make it to the World Series out of Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and St. Louis and New York, Boston, Minnesota, and Anaheim?

4. This will be Sean Fahey’s (of Thor’s Comic Column fame) first DVD review for CHUD.com. Knowing our reviewers as you do, what’s your advice for Soggoth on his virgin effort?