There is hardly a time when Batman rumors aren’t buzzing. But things decidedly heated up in November, when Deadline Hollywood began whispering there would two women in The Dark Knight Rises. Rumor had it one would be a lover, and one would be an enemy.  As we made our mythological guesses  –Harley, Talia, Catwoman — we even wondered if they might not be two sides to one character.

Now there’s some fuel to the fire, thanks to THR’s Heat Vision. They have a new shortlist of actresses up, and a possible role confirmation.

Let’s get to that latter part first.  Sources say Talia Al’Ghul is one of the characters.  Again, let me stress this is unconfirmed, but Heat Vision is usually pretty spot on.

Yes, there are still two female roles, which may just shatter yesterday’s “script” leak. But just who the other lass is remains a mystery. However, perhaps you can guess from the ladies shortlisted:

Keira Knightley

Jessica Biel

Anne Hathaway

Kate Mara

Charlotte Riley (worth noting that she’s engaged to unspecified castmember, Tom Hardy)

Gemma Arterton(who may be out thanks to Hansel and Gretel)

You may remember that Knightley, Hathaway, Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Natalie Portman and Blake Lively were previously listed. I imagine Portman’s pregnancy has put her out of the running.  There’s no word on Weisz, but Watts is reportedly so busy that she can’t even schedule a reading, so she is probably out.

As we’ve seen countless times however, those on the shortlist may not even make the cut. We could end up with a wild card of a casting announcement, so don’t hate on too many of the ladies present.

It’s heating up though. Let the speculation commence, and the smug satisfaction of being right (maybe) about Talia Al’Ghul settle in.