The Associated Press has announced that the next film from Park  Chan-wook (Oldboy, Thirst) was shot entirely on iPhone 4s.

The project is a 30 minute fantasy-horror short called Paranmanjang and will hit South Korean theaters on January 27th. Park shot the film with his younger brother Park Chan-kyong. The choice of cameras hasn’t affected the budget in any way, though- it  was made for 150 million won ($133,000!)

“The new technology creates strange effects because it is new and because it is a medium the audience is used to,” Park told reporters. “There are some good points of making a movie with the iPhone as there are many people around the world who like to play and have fun with them,” Park Chan-wook said.

Apparently they attached different lenses to their phones and it was quite similar to shooting a regular film.

In English Paranmanjang translates to “Life is full of ups and downs” and is about a man who finds what he think is a dead woman while fishing in a river. Hopefully it will make it over here in some form soon!