I will be honest, I don’t watch any TV shows regularly, except for Glee. It takes a lot for me to care enough about a show to make sure I set aside enough time to watch it every week. This show has captured me by appealing to my love for the musical and by using witty, fun and refreshing dialogue.

The first episode of Season 2 debuted tonight and again proves why it is not only popular on TV, but also on iTunes (the songs from tonight’s show are in the top 20 most popular).

The premise for the episode is that we are at the beginning of a new school year. The Glee club believes they have earned the respect of the other students and have decided to open up auditions so that they can hopefully increase their chances to beat rival Vocal Adrenaline. What we begin to find out is that Rachel doesn’t want any new members for fear of losing the spotlight as top singer/soloist. In fact she purposely misleads another girl so that she can’t audition. The girl, played by Charice, is finally given her chance and completely amazes with a rendition of “Listen” from Dreamgirls. (This by the way is a song that Charice has been singing for a while, as you can youtube her many performances. It doesn’t lessen the amazement of a voice like that coming from such a small girl.) While she is given the chance to join Glee club, she is scooped up by Vocal Adrenaline after Sue lets them know about her talent.

Which brings us to Sue and Will. Nothing has changed. Though part of the episode they are teamed up because of a perceived funding threat by a new football coach, Coach Bieste, the end of the episode puts them back in their places, at each others throats.

The new coach, played by Dot Jones, has caused some havoc for Finn by cutting him from the team. Being a woman, she explains through out the episode that she has faced prejudice for being a football coach and doesn’t want to made a fool of again. Will had already insulted her by not allowing her to eat lunch at his table. Finn wasn’t trying to make a fool of her and was serious about having Artie try out for the team, but she didn’t accept it. However, at the end of the episode Will and Coach Bieste make ammends, which makes me believe that Finn will be back on the team having to fight for his QB spot back. There is a new kid on the block Sam Evans, played by Chord Overstreet. He, like Finn is a wonderful singer and a football player. After Finn gets kicked off the team, Sam takes the QB position.

There are a couple other conflicts that are in the beginning stages such as Quinn taking back her place as Cheerios Captain. Santana has been demoted to the bottom of the triangle, literally, and so there is now some tension between the former friends.

Also, Tina has broken up with Artie and is now dating Harry and his abs. This was Artie’s reasoning for wanting to try out for the football team. Artie wanted a body that would get Tina back.

Ultimately, the episode seems to revolve around people in a dog eat dog world. Though you may try and fool yourself into meaning well, you must analyze you intentions to see who you are really trying to help and what it says about your character. If you are unwilling to show compassion and acceptance to others, than you can’t expect them to show compassion and acceptance back. Hypocrisy is something that anyone can fall into. With many of the members taking matters into their own hands, there seems to be some seeds of distrust that will no doubt bloom later this season.

I can’t wait! I’m a certifiable GLEEK!!

Music must haves:
“What I Did For Love”