The Last Airbender arrives in movie theaters everywhere this week.  After the creative and financial failures of his last couple of movies, M. Night Shyamalan has been given an even bigger budget to gamble on, at least using an established children’s property rather than his own concepts.  Working with a cast of – Blah blah blah, The Last Airbender sounds like a fancy and overdramatic nickname for an act of doody!  How can I focus on anything else?

And this isn’t the first time Shyamalan has done this, either.  His last two movies established an official trend.


Lady In The Water = doody.


The Happening = doody!


The Last Airbender follows thusly in this storied tradition.  What is an “airbender”? Because if it’s anything like an “air biscuit” – you know the rest… = Doody!


When I make the observation that this is hardly uncommon, and that tons of movies could easily be describing bowel movements, I’m not even referring to the quality of said movies – although in the aforementioned pair of cases, it surely applies.  (Read my in-depth assessment of the Shyamalan oeuvre here.)


My point is, when you read the following list, please be aware that some of the listed movies deserve the odious association previously suggested, but many of them are some of the greatest movies on earth and some of my personal favorites.  I am making no cinematic claims or judgments today.  I am only trying to institute one of the more infantile parlor games that internet dialogue on the art of movies has ever seen.



            50 Movie Titles That Sound Like Types of Doody


Dirty Harry








The Brown Bunny


Buffalo 66


Very Bad Things






King Kong









Rolling Thunder


Three The Hard Way


16 Blocks


King Ralph



Whale Rider


Hard Candy





Hell In The Pacific


Big Trouble In Little China


Snakes On A Plane





Jersey Girl


Black Dynamite


Pineapple Express

The Wrestler


The Ringer


The Punisher


The Unborn


The Departed


The Blob




It Happened One Night


Thunderbolt & Lightfoot


Hell Comes To Frogtown


Sexy Beast


Wedding Crashers






The Dirty Dozen


Bad Day At Black Rock


Hamburger Hill


John Carpenter’s The Thing


Operation Dumbo Drop