Welcome back to Lost & Found. My thanks to everyone who cast their vote this week. If your show didn’t make the cut in this round I hope you’ll still decide to pop in on Friday afternoons to read my thoughts on the show I’ll be covering. Rest assured: we’ll get to your choice eventually, and I genuinely appreciate your readership and your participation. Without further ado, allow me to present to you the winner:

You folks really love your surreal/terrifying metaphysical puzzles, huh? Well, I do as well, and I’m looking forward to writing about this show. Carnivale premiered in 2003 and HBO unveiled its then-latest offering in style, taking out advertisements that conveyed a sepia-toned sense of mystique and a lavish budget. The initial commercials promised a world that touched the mythic and the magical. The setting offered a dramatic glimpse at a period in American history that’s always been rife with dramatic possibilities. The premiere debuted to HBO’s then-best ever numbers. The first season claimed 5 Emmy awards. It was canceled a year later.

What happened?

Let’s find out. Join me next Friday to read my thoughts on Carnivale’s first episode. Until then, feel free to click on to the next page for my thoughts on one of television’s strangest shows. Laura Palmer wasn’t the only character on TV to keep a Secret Diary…