Another week, another announcement of older titles getting the DVD treatment courtesy of Shout! Factory.  Usually these involve a specific title or special release, but this time it’s just a handful of flicks all coming out at once without an real cohesion to them otherwise.

On February 1st, Shout! will be dropping Lucky Lady and 11 Harrowhouse as well as the odd double-feature release of Death Hunt/Butch & Sundance: The Early Days — not quite sure why those two go together at all, but hey, if you always wanted to get the Butch & Sundance prequel anyway, you get a dose of Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson thrown in for free.  Looks like something you’d find on the catch-all rack in the DVD section at Target next to the $8.99 copy of all four Lethal Weapons on one disc.

Make a toast to Liza Minnelli, Gene Hackman and Burt Reynolds as they star in Stanley Donen’s prohibition comedy LUCKY LADY. Arm yourself for laughs as Charles Grodin marshals a group of amateurs (Candice Bergen, Trevor Howard and James Mason) to steal $12 billion in uncut diamonds from the most securely guarded fortress devised by man in 11 HARROWHOUSE. Saddle up for rip-roaring action comedy as Tom Berenger and William Katt star as Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in Richard Lester’s BUTCH & SUNDANCE: THE EARLY DAYS. And put on your snowshoes for some fast-paced action as Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Lee Marvin goes on a DEATH HUNT for Charles Bronson, a lone trapper accused of murder in the snow-capped mountains of the 1930s Yukon territory.
Each of the single-film discs will run you $19.93, while the double-feature only lists for $14.93.