Having not done much of note since his glory days as a child actor, Corey Haim battled long and hard to make a comeback in Hollywood.  Sadly, he never quite made it before his untimely death earlier this year — making his reality show, The Two Coreys, the last real gasp in which most of us saw him.

Until now. 

Thanks to the support of his loyal fans, Global Universal Pictures is now releasing American Sunset, which happens to feature Haim in the lead role — and, is also his final performance.  The film is only available to buy online through the official website, www.AmericanSunsetTheMovie.com.

Per the official press release, American Sunset unravels a mysterious conspiracy with numerous spellbinding plot twists revolving around a kidnapping ploy that robs a devoted husband of his true love, while playing a game that prolongs her safety by correctly responding to the kidnapper’s riddles. One wrong answer means fatal consequences. As the pursuit to save his wife plunges Haim’s character deeper into a corrupt world, the greedy, deceptive and immoral motives become increasingly obvious; this is not just a random kidnapping for money, this is deadly personal.

The Blu-ray runs $19.95, while the DVD is priced at $14.95, plus shipping and handling.  A percentage of each sale is donated in Haim’s memory; although it’s not clear how much or to which charity this donation goes — regardless, it’s a nice gesture and a reasonable price for the movie.  Both versions come with original movie trailer and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Here’s the late Haim talking about the flick on ET Canada: