STUDIO: Comedy Central
MSRP: $14.99
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 71 minutes

  • Photo Shoot
  • Fireside Chat with Dad

The Pitch

This is only half ba-ahahahah-d

The Humans

Cast: Jim Breuer

The Nutshell

The former Goat Boy starts the next phase of his career.

Laugh at my jokes dad, or I will cut your nose off

The Lowdown

Somewhere in the last few years, Jim Breuer grew up and became a family man. When he starts out this Comedy Central DVD special, we get a look at him living his family centric life with his mom and dad, his wife and his three daughters. Then the comedy show starts.

Problem is, Jim Breuer isn’t really that funny. Jim Breuer’s biggest schtict is the fact that he always “looks” stoned. It’s the reason he got his job on the movie Half Baked. And most of his humor from his Saturday Night Live days revolves around jokes that are mainly funny to people who are fully baked. I still can’t figure out why his Goat Boy is so damned funny.

Well, his show is now a little more family oriented. I don’t mean his jokes are PG rated, I mean his jokes are about his family. He also has a bad habit of laughing at his own jokes, something Jimmy Fallen used to do until Fallen somehow became really funny. Breuer never really changed.

The guy has some funny jokes, mainly when imitating Dave Chappelle or Tracy Morgan (“I’m gonna go to the movies, take my shirt off, someone’s getting pregnant!”), but the rest of the jokes are just there. He reminds me a lot of Bill Cosby because his entire show now is about the facts of his life. What he talks about is just everyday things that seem funny because they are real.

Jim Breuer has always been a physical comic but he is trying to reinvent himself now as a storyteller. He isn’t a bad comedian and this isn’t a bad show. It’s just not that funny.

Jim found himself possessed by the spirit of Goat Boy

The Package

Also included on the DVD is a Photo Shoot and a “Fireside Chat with Dad,” neither which are funny at all.

5.5 out of 10