The iTunes store, while a powerful tool for bands and musicians to digitally distribute their business, is still a notoriously difficult platform for independent filmmakers (especially short filmmakers) to access. Apple still gets most of its independent iTunes Store video content from purchasing houses that buy and bundle independent film. Some filmmakers are looking to circumvent that process however…

Today a press release went out for a film that, while not the first, is among a very few films whose producers have cleverly wormed their product into the Apple marketplace by packaging their film as an App which, despite Apple’s often draconian approval process, is a much more open-access system.

The newest film to take this approach is Burning Inside


Nathan Wrann’s visually striking horror film now available as an app  
in the ITunes Store

Brooklyn, NY – Channel Midnight Releasing continue its mission to  
distribute unique, uncompromising genre films by using new technology  
to bring filmmaker Nathan Wrann’s BURNING INSIDE to the iPhone, iPod  
Touch and iPad via an App developed by Stonehenge Productions.

Taking advantage of Stonehenge’s Indie Appalooza promotion, Channel  
Midnight delivered content to the innovative developer to create an  
application containing the BURNING INSIDE feature film and a number  
of links and special features.

“We were excited to work with Channel Midnight to develop the Burning  
Inside App.” Said Mark Smillie, founder of Stonehenge Productions.   
“The App offers access to a new distribution channel, and allows fans  
to engage their friends through social media and share their  
experiences and comments on the film.  We believe this will  
ultimately help spread the word and allow more people to see the film.”

Visit the iTunes Store now and download the movie that Shock Cinema  
called “a challenging and altogether harrowing experience for  
discerning horror fans.”

Learn more about BURNING INSIDE at

A little searching found that another film, Zombie Apocalypse, has also taken this approach and can be found here.

With Apple quickly approaching 100 million iOS devices out in the wild, expect to see more and more of this.