If it seems like I’ve can’t stop talking about the New York Asian Film Festival, it’s because it’s simply the best film fest in NYC. This year’s Tribeca was just disappointment after disappointment, but every NYAFF film I’ve seen thus far has delivered. Here are some movies you shouldn’t miss when the fest kicks off June 25th!

Castaway on the Moon – My favorite of the fest so far! An utterly beautiful film about a man who gets stranded on an island in the middle of Seoul after a failed suicide attempt, who then starts up a relationship with a shut-in living across the water. It sounds bizarre but it’s one of those experiences that reminds you why you like film in the first place. Fan of magical realism? Disappointed by Micmacs? Here’s your film.

(Warning- overly whimsical and sappy trailer! Not indicative of quality!)

Gallants – Think The Expendables but with 1970s kung fu icons. Bruce Leung! Chen Kuan-tai! Teddy Robin! Just utterly badass old men beating the shit out of each other, all wrapped up in a story that gets quite sentimental. Really hits on all levels, an incredible, incredible film.

Little Big Solider – Jackie Chan’s best movie in years (yeah, not saying much), although it’s easy to get sick of his very self-aware humor. But it’s fun, and nice to see that he’s still got some moves. This might be as far as I go with Mr. Chan, though- it’s been a good ride but it’s getting stale.

Mutant Girls Squad – From the crew that brought you Tokyo Gore Police and the like, we’ve got… an actually coherent film? Yes, it’s easily their most accessible as it’s a riff on X-Men, although one that features cheerleaders with chainsaws coming out their ass and creatures with giant breasts that squirt acid milk.

Kung Fu Chefs – Sammo Hung silliness. Very campy and ridiculous film that’s definitely got an old school kung fu flavor to it. Imagine Iron Chef with fights.

This is just a tiny sampling of the films playing. The full schedule for the NYAFF is now online! You know what to do, New Yorkers- head over to the site and start planning your days. Tickets go on sale June 10th and will sell out fast!