If this trend keeps up, we’ll have to start classifying some kind of pseudo-remake Pop Hitchcock horror genre as a group of producers have put together a project, House at the End of the Street, that THR explicitly reports as trying “to be to Psycho what Disturbia was to Rear Window.”

Jonathan Mostow (one of the producers) wrote the story which David Loucka turned into a screenplay to be directed by Mark Tonderai.

The story isn’t a 1:1 retelling but rather has a family moving in across the street from a notorious home with a history of murder. The surviving son –played by Max Thieriot of Jumper– still lives in the home post-massacre and befriends the teen daughter of the new family, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence (who was excellent in the not-excellent The Burning Plain).

THR notes that Hollywood’s been itching to get Thieriot in front of an audience, testing him for roles in the upcoming Sorcerer’s Apprentice and currently defunct Justice League. He didn’t land either of those but he did make it front-and-center into My Soul To Take, the newest Wes Craven horror film about a serial killer after a batch of kids who share birthdays with the day of his supposed death.

Presumably Thieriot will be riffing heavily on Norman Bates in House at the End of the Street, so we’ll see what kind of chops he shows on the other end of the killer/victim relationship in October, when My Soul To Take hits.

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