Swing and a big miss. 

Marvel Entertainment released yet another direct to DVD animated comic book property today and sadly it suffers the worst fate of any comic hero.

It’s boring with a capital B.

How is it possible that a company with such a rich history of exciting story telling keeps missing the mark completely with a genre that they should be OWNING?

Planet Hulk is a total snoozefest from start to finish.  Here’s a hint for the nice people writing these direct to video cartoons for Marvel – If the story is about the HULK, make the story ABOUT THE HULK. I do NOT care about the aliens that the HULK meets on his exile planet.

Come to think of it, the plot of this “movie” is set in motion  because the Avengers send Hulk into space on a ship to a planet they have specially chosen for him because he will not behave nicely.

If the Avengers can build a space ship that will hold him and locate a suitable planet to exile him to to, AND drug him and launch him on said space ship – it stands to reason that they have the resources to CURE THE HULK.

Bah. I hope they make something less sucktacular soon.