Listen up folks – we’ve got trouble.   I was originally concerned with the amount of progress being made by the Japanese with their robotic teachers but I think that this is a much graver threat.

Paris and Princess or Prince and Parmesan or whatever the hell their names are up there need to be stopped. 

LOOK at them. If I have learned ONE thing by squandering my life reading comic books and watching bad science fiction movies it is THIS

Those two kids up there are being bred to take over the world and enslave the entire human race. 

I can’t explain HOW I know . . . maybe it’s the oddly ominous uniforms, or the smooth calculated way the boy one articulates the written word . . . or maybe it’s the fact that they showed up with a battallion of Jacksons sworn by blood oath to serve them for eternity (or until the cash is all gone) or maybe . . . just maybe it’s because the girl one is  not even twelve years old and she looks more like the Baroness than Sienna Miller EVER WILL . .  but something is wrong in Neverland and we may have precious little time . . .

Rest assured I will not rest until I get to the bottom of this. Well – I’ll be honest; I’m probably gonna rest. Plus, I’ve been wanting to play that Mass Effect 2 game so I’ll spend a little time doing that as well.

Also I have to get my oil changed but after that – probably . . .