Many classic movies go through waves of remake buzz, some materializing, some fading into oblivion. The idea of a remake of The Fly has been floated for a number of years (sometimes even involving Nic Cage!). However, eventually overshadowed by the Operatic re-imagining that Cronenberg and Howard shore developed, the remake slid back into the shadows.

Now, Steven Zeitchik of The Risky Business Blog is reporting that David Cronenberg himself is pulling a Haneke and developing a remake of his own remake.

I’m not really sure what else to say here. The Fly buzzes* around the top of nearly every horror fan’s favorites list, and is considered by many to be, well, perfect. Cronenberg isn’t a hack, so this is unlikely to be a choice motivated by cash, or some retarded attempt at a new franchise. I’m skeptical of any argument for the remake that mentions technology, though. The special effects are dated to varying degrees, but thematically there is no new ground to tread… unless the story is drastically changed.

Risky Business mentions that Cronenberg will definitely be directing, but may or may not be writing. I made mention of Michael Haneke above, and the scenario of a horror director remaking his own film many years later is an obvious reference point here. Of course Funny Games was remade shot-by-shot with an identical script, in a new language, only ten years later. There was a very specific set of baggage involved in that artistic exercise. The Fly will be its own very weird situation. The timeline is also unclear- there is no reason to presume Cronenberg’s plans to direct The Matarese Circle for Universal as his next project have changed.

I dunno about you, but until we hear more from Cronenberg himself on what his intentions are, I’m going to be afraid. Very afraid.

Source | The Risky Business Blog

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*Christ, I’m sorry.