There was a time within the 90’s
when I felt that Leland Orser would be the ”next big thing”.  The fucker (Orser) has an on screen
nervous-wreck/Woody Allen attitude that turns his secondary roles into something
of recollection.  And his yang:  I’ve seen him perform with a ferocious
variety.  Nuff said. 

            Orser’s career flirted with mainstream
status throughout the later half of the 90’s up until 2008 where he played
third OR fourth lead to Liam Neeson in Taken.  He wore the cock-spear in Seven and even shared the same fate as
John Hurt in Alien: Resurrection.  Just by appearance, he conveys a timid and
fragile man.  Displaying a powerful
command for dialogue, his support characters seem to always have
an impact on a movie’s plot as a whole (Bone
) OR play the exposition role and completely blow up
the scene. (Alien) 

            While researching Orser, I found
that he is married to America’s favorite polygamist
Jeanne Tripplehor.  (That scores points just by association.
Information on his background is scarce, but according to his filmography, he began acting in 1991 with a role in the sitcom Gabriel’s Fire.  Since then, his television credits have
included The X-Files, Golden Girls, ER
and most recently 24.

film credits are the most impressive on his resume, and most recently Give Em Hell, Malone  looks to be a winner amongst fanboys.  I haven’t seen it, but the name Thom Jane
hooks me instantly.  Orser first hooked
me in the above mentioned Seven, but
my interest was lifted with his character Charles Moore in Very Bad Things. (The OTHER go to Vegas movie and fuck shit up with
your friends.) 

why actors like Orser don’t break into the mainstream is pointless… some people
have the gravitas, and some people have the luck.  I think Orser (and other actors like him)
have the unique quality of being talented through quirky versatility, and not
being branded as a “leading man” affords his career longevity.   

I’ll keep this entry short
and sweet.  Expect more frequency for my
blog entrées.  It’s what happens when you
become less busy. 


Fucking Out
, I’m Fucking In – Kenny Powers