Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew will be on a panel together at this year’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia the first weekend of September.  Will they argue over who was the most boring starship captain?  I don’t know.  Will we finally learn who looks better in Starfleet regulation nightwear?  Of course not.  We already know it’s Stewart for the win.  His tits just drape better.

Yes, there will be Star Trek stars at Dragon*Con.  There always are.  There will also be at least one cast member from Twilight, a room full of LARPers, a world record-breaking Thriller dance-off, and I’m sure Lou Ferrigno will be sitting somewhere prominent, threatening fans to pay him the $25 for his autograph.

Will backfat be hanging out?  Most certainly.  Will Stormtroopers grow breath-mold in their plastic helmets?  Absolutely.  Will someone wear a pair of prescription steampunk goggles on his forehead?  You don’t even have to ask.

This is a geek convention, and it will attract all the usual kinds.  But for the second year, there will also be a programming track for assholish know-it-alls like myself who enjoy making Jesus cry by not believing in things.  Yes, it’s the second annual Skeptrack.

As a part-time debunker of all things woo (via my podcast and blog at — click, click), this is where I’ll be parked.  If you like Mythbusters, Penn & Teller, or just think people who spout a bunch of useless bullshit deserve a nice smack ’round the face and balls, chances are good you’ll enjoy the Skeptrack as well.  There will be famous people!  And a lot of unfamous people who you should know.

Unfortunately, the gnomish godfather of skepticism, James “The Amazing” Randi, will not be in attendance this year.  He’s busy fighting off some pesky cancer cells.  Don’t worry, though.  Instead of praying for a recovery, he’ll be receiving proven scientific treatments from trained medical practitioners.  You know, stuff that works.

But the guest list still impresses.  Phil Plait of will be on hand to talk about space and how it could possibly kill you.  Seth Shostak of SETI will be there, willing to take your questions about what it’s like to sleep with Matthew McConaughey.  And Adam Savage, the MythBuster himself, has just been added to the guest list.  Something may or may not be exploded.

All these fine (fuckable) faces, plus Steve Novella and Rebecca Watson from The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, monster hunter Ben Radford, and Scully-with-a-dick Joe Nickell.  If you’re not already excited, chances are good you’re a jackass.

But wait!  There’s more!  Sunday, September 6th, there will also be a live recording of my own Amateur Scientist Podcast!  Prizes, tits, jokes, prizes, skepticism, exposed testicles, and prizes!  Plus, a celebrity guest in the Rev. Ivan Stang, founder of the Church of the SubGenius.  Good lord, this is amazing!

So, once again, if you’re in the Atlanta area Labor Day weekend, you could do worse than to stop by and say hello.  Maybe sit down and listen to a panel or two.  You might learn something.  And at the very least, you can pick up a drunken Babylon 5 bit player in a hotel bar.  Because really, that’s what Dragon*Con is all about.