That’s right, I said “Boobs, kung-fu, explosions, vampires, zombies, superheroes, and boobs.”  This is America.  Everybody loves those things.  I know I do.  (Except maybe vampires.  I’m more of a werewolf guy.)


Actually, I blasted those keywords upfront in order to make this shameless attempt to grab readers for my other film blog, which you can find archived right here:


I know, I know.  Disgusting!  But as ever, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was good. 


I still plan to drop my film-related thought-bombs here, but for anyone in search of further mind-nuggets from my fevered brain, I figured I’d provide that service this once and then get back to business as usual.  My reaction to the G.I. Joe movie will go up sometime this weekend under this column exclusively.  That’s bound to be somewhat readable.  Like most everyone else who plans to see it, I’ve been waiting 20 years for this movie.


Meanwhile, that link again:


And the Slow-Motion Quick-Draw archive, while I’m at it:


And the usual hate-and-love repository:


And one for the stalkers: